Free of Cost Diagnostic Facility:

EMG test is being done on Electromyography Machine for the diagnosis and evaluation of MG & GBS.

Free Blood:

Myasthenia Blood Bank of PMWO is providing free blood service for MG patients during surgical treatment (thymectomy) at PIMS.

Free Plasmapheresis Kits:

Plasmapheresis is a procedure in which blood is separated into cells and plasma (liquid). The plasma is removed and replaced with fresh frozen plasma, albumin and/or plasma substitute. This procedure is also called Plasma Exchange. A specific disposable blood tubing set (Plasmapheresis Kits) are provided free of cost to poor patients for Apheresis Treatment.

Years Long Jounery
Patients Treated
Mobile Plasmapheresis Centres

Free Consultation:

PMWO provides free of cost consultation for the clinical management of patients with MG & GBS. PMWO provides clinical consultation free of cost through Neurology Department PIMS.

Free Medicines:

PMWO has established a National Myasthenic Drug Bank for the distribution of Medicines, to poor patients of Myasthenia Gravis and GBS.

Free Accommodation:

Some local members of the Executive Body of PMWO provide free of cost accommodation facility to the deserving patients, who come in Islamabad from other cities of the country for Hospitalization and Thymectoy Operation

Community Financial Help for Poor Patients:

PMWO made a list of local philanthropic people, who wants to contribute by own hands directly on the treatment of poor patients during their hospitalization. Many poor MG patients have been treated instantly with the financial help of these local Philanthropists. These people do not want to show their name at any Forum.

Free Thymectomy at PIMS:

PMWO provides Thymectomy (surgical removal of the Thymus Gland) for all MG patients with the active cooperation of the Neurology and Surgical Departments of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) Islamabad. PMWO extends every possible help to poor patients and also provide free medicines during their post operative ICU care at PIMS.

Free Mobile Plasmapheresis Treatment:

PMWO has started the mobile Plasmapheresis Treatment first time in Pakistan for the patients suffering in the critical conditions of MG & GBS in other hospitals of the NWFP, AJK, Rawalpindi & Lahore.

Free Platelets Service:

PMWO provide free Platelet Service to needy patients with Dengue Fever and Cancer.

PMWO operates worlds largest mobile plasmapheresis network in Pakistan from Peshwar to Karachi & Quetta

24 hours service

PMWO provide 24 hours fast and speedy mobile plasmapheresis service for the clinical management of critical patients with GBS and Myasthenia Gravis

Low Cost Treatment

PMWO solved medicines problem permanently and manufactured world’s cheapest medicine in Pakistan for MG patients.

Growing Network

develop contacts with MG and GBS/CIDP organizations abroad to share information, views and experiences to discover the cure of MG

Free Medication

PMWO has established a National Myasthenic Drug Bank for the distribution of Medicines, to poor patients of Myasthenia Gravis and GBS

Dr. Khalid Mehmood Zia

Dr. Khalid Mehmood Zia

President & Founding Member

CYP (Commonwealth)
Gold Medalist AIMC, Lahore

Prof. M.Tariq

Prof. M.Tariq


Head of Neurology Department
PIMS, Islamabad

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