Donation refund policy

Our policy regarding refunding donations made to the PMWO UK

Donations made by Direct Debit are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

Where a donor requests the return of all or part of a one-off donation made to the PMWO UK, the decision will be made on a case by case basis, taking into account the following considerations:

  • If the donation was made by credit or debit card within the previous seven days in response to an appeal by a professional fundraiser
  • The terms and conditions of the gift provide for it to be returned in particular circumstances which have demonstrably been met
  • The law specifically provides for the gift to be returned in particular circumstances
  • It is by way of an ex‐gratia payment to discharge a compelling moral, but not legal, obligation
  • It’s refusal or delay is with a view to persuading the donor to make the gift in a more tax‐effective manner (e.g. by Gift Aid)


This policy complies with the guidelines set out by the Institute of Fundraising.


To request a refund, please email with the subject Donation refund’ and include your name and address and the donation amount that you would like refunded.


If you become aware that your card has been used fraudulently, please contact your card provider.


The Direct Debit Guarantee

  • This guarantee is offered by all Banks and Building Societies that accept instructions to pay Direct Debits
  • If there are any changes to the amount, date or frequency of your Direct Debit, PMWO UK will notify you Seven working days in advance of your account being debited or as otherwise agreed. If you request PMWO UK to collect a payment, confirmation of the amount and date will be given to you at the time of the request
  • If an error is made in the payment of your Direct Debit, by PMWO UK or your Bank or Building Society, you are entitled to a full and immediate refund of the amount paid from your bank or building society – If you receive a refund you are not entitled to, you must pay it back when PMWO UK asks you to
  • You can cancel a Direct Debit at any time by writing to your Bank or Building Society. Written confirmation may be required. Please also send a copy of your letter to us.



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